We have such a similar history

Croatia, the War, and the Future


The Holy Trinity feast day celebrated in the Catholic Church is coming up on June 15.

Just inside Serbia, not far from the border with Croatia, not far from Vukovar there’s a place called Kukujevci. It’s in the Syrmia district of the Vojvodina province of Serbia. There’s a Holy Trinity church in Kukujevci, empty and carrying the scars of forced abandonment from early 1990’s.

Just before the Serb aggression against Croatia in 1991, 89.07% of the Kukujevci population was Croat and 1% Serb nationality! Today, these figures remain the same only the 1% are Croat!

One might ask why? How can this be?

The answer lies in ethnic cleansing Serbs attended to within their Serbia while the world stood by watching and focusing on their acts of ethnic cleansing across Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kukujevci is only one of many places in Vojvodina cleansed of Croats and these horrible…

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