Tir na Cheiltigh

Bio: I try to live my life today with experienced personal knowledge on being happy/content, through constant awareness that the present is living .Accepting the present diminishes mental and emotional suffering which is peace of mind. My opinions are all from past experiences and knowledge gained through learning processes.This was on how I understood, interpreted ,and studied etc these situations or parts of life.Integrity ,Ethics in as much as possible is a constant process through which I strive to express my opinions etc.Its in this area that directs my Political side towards a right direction. By this I live as an individual with my own intellect ,capabilities etc and this directs my thinking on Political direction. . I cannot judge another as Iv not lived their lives.I may detest or disagree with their behavior but not them,.This is an ongoing process of improvement enforced by the knowledge from an old Irish saying. This saying is similar to every Saint has a past as each sinner a future. My Political views lean towards the right, Irish Nationalist/Republican, Social Democratic.I do not see differences in Christian Religion`s as an obstacle to our living as one National people. . I see European and American Politics differ to a degree on our understanding of Political ideologies. , .My Political knowledge is basic/medium and progressing. My main bragging right is that Im of Celtic race, Gaelic/Irish culture, Celtic /Christian spirituality, moderate Catholic faith. I try to impartially seek and express my opinions with as much knowledge I can obtain. I seek the Truth in all as "The Truth Shall set you free".God bless all . A Bheannachti Dhia Libh

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