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Review: ‘Crossfire: The Battle of the Four Courts, 1916’

Review: 'Crossfire: The Battle of the Four Courts, 1916'.


Journalists of Integrity subjected to abuse

Angela Haggerty is a freelance journalist, broadcaster and editor based in the west of Scotland.

Her most recent work includes editing the best selling book Downfall: How Rangers FC Self-Destructed, charting the demise of one of Scotland’s biggest football clubs. The book was written by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a journalist credited with breaking many of the major stories of the club’s impending financial crisis.

Angela is qualified with an HND in Practical Journalism and a Diploma in Journalism from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), both qualifications were achieved while studying at Cardonald College Glasgow.

Angela has written for various publications, including The Evening Times, The Glasgow Journal and The Cardonald Courier. She has reported on a wide range of subjects, ranging from cuts in education and elderly care to the Rangers financial crisis and the problem of bigotry in Scotland, and has a particular interest in politics. Angela became an established columnist in local newspaper, The Buteman, writing a lighthearted fortnightly column about commuting from the Isle of Bute to Glasgow over an 18-month period.

Broadcast is the area in which Angela’s journalism career began after hosting and producing a weekly topical programme on Bute Fm, Have Your Say on Bute Fm. Angela was later involved in the set up of a local online-only radio station, Radio Bute, and an internet TV station, Bute TV.

Angela continues to run the HaveYourSay On Bute Facebook debate page and appeared on a BBC One Scotland programme, Storm Force, in 2012 after a vicious storm left parts of the Isle of Bute without power for three days. The online debate forum Angela founded was considered an established tool in gathering local opinion and Angela’s appearance on the programme put forward the views of the local community.

More recently, Angela appeared on Channel 4 News, discussing her experiences of online intimidation and harassment at the hands of a number of Rangers fans as a result of her work on the story of the club’s liquidation.

Angela has gained experience across the board by becoming involved in a number of projects, including writing, editing and producing the monthly newsletter of Bute Community Land Company, the organisation which bought a part of Bute’s Rhubodach Forest from Lord Richard Attenborough, completing the largest ever community buy-out of land in Scotland.

In 2010, Angela gained a work experience placement at the CBS News bureau in London, and has completed work experience placements at the Herald & Times and The Buteman.

Angela spent a year living in the south of England before returning to the west of Scotland in 2009, where she currently resides.

Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither. Is Gun Control/Ban, Freedom or safety

Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither. Is Gun Control/Ban, Freedom or safety.

A lot of our problems/issues in adult life stem from childhood. This awareness should help protect our young from another perspective. To watch or sense their actions,reactions similar to ours and act as appropriate


Children with PTSD suffer significant distress or negative impacts on their daily lives. Estimates of the prevalence of PTSD in children and adolescents experiencing trauma are generally very high, at 30% to 40%. PTSD is also strongly associated with a range of other mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse.

What are the main symptoms of PTSD in children?
As with PTSD in adults, PTSD is diagnosed in children by the presence of three main symptom groups for at least a month:
1)recurrent and intrusive recollections of the trauma
2) avoidance of stimuli such as thoughts, feelings or conversations associated with the trauma
3) symptoms of anxiety

However, PTSD may be more difficult to diagnose in children as their reactions can differ from adults. Symptoms of PTSD may be expressed in children as behavioural problems, developmental regression, physical symptoms and more generalised fears.


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